The Effects of Stress on Your Pet’s Gastro Health

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At first glance, anxiety and stress might seem unrelated to your pet’s gastro health. But, a recent study suggests otherwise. As it turns out, gastro health or the health of the gut microbiome is “inextricably linked to pet health and disease,” according to the study.  A healthy gut equals healthy behaviors for cats and dogs. So if your pet struggles with … Read More

The Effects of Stress on Your Pet’s Skin

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Your pet’s largest organ is actually their skin and coat! In fact, their skin and coat comprise 10 to 15% of their total body weight. A lustrous coat could indicate your pet is in the best possible health. Otherwise, a dry, unkempt, or flaky coat could indicate a serious health condition. In some cases, thyroid disease, Cushing’s, or nutritional disorders could cause … Read More