Comfort Food 101: The Negative Effects of Stress Eating

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Stress eating is a vicious cycle perpetuated by anxiety. So, it’s no surprise that 47 percent of adults say they have been eating more or eating unhealthy foods due to the stress brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.  If have found yourself wondering — why do I stress eat? — and want to learn how to stop, keep reading. This article explains the reasons for … Read More

How to Manage Diabetes During the Holiday Eating Season

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Americans take a bite out of the holidays. The average American expects to gain eight pounds over the course of the holiday season. Holiday eating is dangerous for everyone, especially people living with diabetes or prediabetes. If you need to monitor your blood sugar, you have to be mindful of holiday eating habits.  What should you do before you go to holiday … Read More

Holiday Stress: 8 Ways to Cope With Stress During the Holidays

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Did you know that 88% of Americans consider the holiday season the most stressful time of year? This time of year is filled with activities, from holiday parties to family events. While the Christmas season is meant to bring feelings of cheer and love, it can bring about feelings of holiday stress for many people.  If you need help managing holiday stress, … Read More

Why Is It Important to Have Balanced Blood Sugar Levels?

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Most people have probably heard the term ”blood sugar” a thousand times over, but the reality is that most people don’t really know what it means.  Most of us know it’s important to have stable blood sugar levels. However, there is still a sense of mystery around what our blood sugar levels actually do for us on a daily basis.  To … Read More