Improving Health Through Higher-Quality Dairy Products

Through innovative ingredient technologies and years of expertise,
we help companies create dairy foods and supplements of greater nutritional value.

What We Do

Consumers are constantly looking for healthier options in the food, beverage, and supplement market. In fact, research shows that they’ve never been more health-conscious – with 64% prioritizing healthfulness when choosing what to consume.

Since dairy products play a large role in most diets, we’re dedicated to providing the industry with the better-quality, nutritional ingredients its market demands.

Our experts partner with companies across North America to create all types of dairy products – each with valuable proteins and bioactive for promoting greater well-being. These include ingredients such as Lactium® and Prodiet® Lactoferrin. Our milk contents have lent to better mental, digestive, and muscle health, among other benefits.

Work with us, and we’ll help you in bolstering healthy lifestyles across the globe.

Our Location

Ingredia prides in its facility location of Ohio – a state known for its quality food industry.

Ohio currently ranks among the top five food producers of the U.S., and houses some of the best food-related resources to meet consumer demand. From farmers to manufacturers, to large-scale facilities – all products are made with the utmost attention and environmental responsibility.

Through our cutting-edge technologies and high industry standards, you can rest assured you’re getting the best quality ingredients available.

How We Began

Ingredia began its mission in 2009, determined to create higher-quality dairy ingredients through cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions. We aimed to improve the benefits of ingredients in milk and dairy products, but we also wanted to so responsibly.

As such, the last four years have seen the launch of our CSR Via Lacta – a series of commitments to environmental responsibility and sustainable production. We respect milk as a valuable resource of varying lifestyle benefits and are dedicated to producing it through the most ethical methods available.

These passions have molded us to the company we are today: a business that responsibly aims to promote healthier, more natural foods while protecting the animals and environment that make this possible.

Our Experience & Stats

Expansive Team of Experts

We currently have 1500 people working in 800 dairy farms, with 10% working in research and development.

Millions of Milk Liters Processed

Our business has currently processed over 405 million liters of milk.

High Business Turnover

437€ million in turnover, with 50% dedicated to exports.

Additionally, our business is USDA approved and registered with the FDA (no. 14189535506) and on the SEDEX Platform (no. ZC1027201). Our farmers follow the charter for good agricultural practices – one that outlines ethical practices on animal care, environmental care, and production.


Through innovative ingredient technologies and years of expertise,
we help companies create dairy foods and supplements of greater nutritional value.

Approved by the competent public health authorities based on European regulations, under registration number FR 62-767-030

Registered with the FDA under registration number 14189535506.

FSSC 22000 certified (Food safety management) since 2012

B Corporation Certification

B Corporation certified

Registered on the SEDEX platform under registration number ZC1027201

ISO 9001 certified
(Quality Management) since 1992

IFS certified for the UHT milk activity,
since 2006.


Afnor Certification Badge

ISO 5001 certified

*All of the raw milk processed in our factory is collected from farmers who follow the charter for good agricultural practices (

This charter outlines the identification, health and diet (feed traceability) of the cattle, animal welfare, the environment and the maintenance of milking and storage equipment. Our products are manufactured in accordance with international quality and food safety standards and comply with the various certifications we obtained.