How to Naturally Lower Your Blood Sugar

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About 13% of adults in the US live with diabetes. Another 34.5% have prediabetes. If your body doesn’t make or use insulin properly, you could develop high blood pressure. High blood pressure is often associated with diabetes. If your blood sugar levels continue to rise, it could cause serious problems. For example, too much glucose can damage your kidneys, nerves, and eyes. … Read More

The Effects of Stress on Your Pet’s Gastro Health

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At first glance, anxiety and stress might seem unrelated to your pet’s gastro health. But, a recent study suggests otherwise. As it turns out, gastro health or the health of the gut microbiome is “inextricably linked to pet health and disease,” according to the study.  A healthy gut equals healthy behaviors for cats and dogs. So if your pet struggles with … Read More

The Effects of Stress on Your Pet’s Skin

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Your pet’s largest organ is actually their skin and coat! In fact, their skin and coat comprise 10 to 15% of their total body weight. A lustrous coat could indicate your pet is in the best possible health. Otherwise, a dry, unkempt, or flaky coat could indicate a serious health condition. In some cases, thyroid disease, Cushing’s, or nutritional disorders could cause … Read More

How Your Pet’s Stress Can Lead to Improper Elimination

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When your pet suddenly begins going to the bathroom indoors, it can be alarming, to say the least. There are two main causes of improper elimination: pet health and stress. Just like people get stressed out, our pets can too. We’ll be looking at how you can figure out whether it’s stress causing improper elimination and why it happens in this … Read More