7 Ways to Reduce Work Stress

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Did you know 80% of people report that they feel stress from work at least sometimes? Some reports have indicated that 60% of people that call in sick are just suffering from work stress.Managing stress is an important skill to learn because stress from work is a growing trend. Many jobs require their employees to work long hours. Staff doing the jobs of … Read More

The Best Diet For Blood Sugar Management

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According to the latest research, approximately 34.2 million Americans (that’s 10.5 percent of the population) have been diagnosed with diabetes. Are you part of this group? Do you need help figuring out the right diet that will help you with your blood sugar management? If you’re not sure where to begin, read on. Listed below are some foods you can add to your meals today … Read More

7 Healthy Benefits of Dairy Foods

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Dairy products are a type of food produced from the milk of mammals, most typically cows, and include milk, yogurt, and cheese. According to studies, humans have been consuming milk for around 6,000 years. While there is ongoing debate in some quarters over whether consuming dairy products is good or bad for your health, there is no denying the health benefits of dairy. … Read More

How to Help Your Kids Form Healthy Eating Habits

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Picture a brussels sprout in your mind.  Whether you’re currently gaging or dreaming about new recipes, you have an opinion. How does such a tiny vegetable elicit such a strong response?  Kids begin to form their opinions about food at a young age. As a parent, you’re responsible for helping your child to form healthy opinions and habits. Your child’s earliest experiences with … Read More

Pep2Dia®’s New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) registration approved by the US FDA

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Ingredia has now been granted the New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) registration for Pep2Dia®! Special thanks to Sylvanie Seret and our experts, who guided us throughout the process. What is Pep2Dia®? Pep2Dia® is a patented whey protein hydrolysate containing an active dipeptide AP, designed for people willing to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Among them are glucose intolerant or prediabetic people, … Read More