Elderly Health: The Negative Effects of Stress on Older Individuals

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What if the worst part of getting older was the stress? Everybody deals with stress throughout each week. However, most of us aren’t aware enough of how stress uniquely affects the elderly. The truth is that stress has major effects on elderly health. Keep reading to find out exactly what those effects are! Why Are Older People Likelier to Be … Read More

School Stress: The Effects of Stress on Student Health and Wellness

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Contrary to popular belief, student stress surpasses that of adults. During the school year, the average student experiences a stress level of 5.8 out of 10. Since adults average on the 3.9 level, this gives us insights into school stress and how it affects student performance as well as health and wellness. School is only one hurdle that students need to face. While … Read More

Wellness and Health Guide: How Stress Reduces Immunity

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It’s relatively easy to identify some of the physical signs of stress. When we’re under pressure, we toss and turn at night. Our heart races and our head aches. We may find it difficult to focus or stay on task. However, while these symptoms might be most apparent, there are other, internal issues also at work. For instance, did you … Read More

Guide to Diabetes Self-Management

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What if diabetes didn’t have to change your quality of life? Whether you were diagnosed with diabetes years ago or only recently, it’s easy to imagine that diabetes will control your entire life. But you can change all of this with the right diabetes self management. Want to manage your own diabetes better? Keep reading to discover our complete guide! … Read More

The Connections Between Stress, Heart Disease, and Wellness at Home

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Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States? Every 36 seconds, an American dies due to heart disease. With roughly 655,000 deaths each year, heart disease is responsible for killing 1 in 4 Americans. The good news is that doctors are getting better at diagnosing and treating heart disease. Medical professionals also … Read More