Physical and Mental Health: Why You Need Both for Overall Well Being

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Your lifestyle choices determine your overall well being, and vice-versa.  Now, your overall well-being is determined by your mental and physical health. Both of these are equally important, and none of us should be cutting any corners when it comes to our dedication to improving and maintaining either. The two share a deep connection, making them dependent on each other.  … Read More

The Link Between Anxiety and Stress: How to Manage Stress and Anxiety

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Everyone has experienced high levels of stress or anxiety at some point. In fact, about one-third of the people in America are living with intense stress levels and approximately 40 million people are affected by anxiety every year. Both have many symptoms in common, such as trouble sleeping, exhaustion, irritability, and tense muscles. Even though feeling stressed or anxious can … Read More

Best Ways to Combat Stress and Weight Gain

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The American Psychological Association conducted a Stress in America survey in 2017 that had some illuminating results. For one, it reveals that three out of four Americans reported feeling at least one stress symptom in the last month. That stress comes from several places—the state of politics, the economy, money, healthcare, taxes, unemployment, crime, and much more.  Stress manifests itself … Read More

How Stress Affects Your Cortisol Levels

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Do you ever feel like you spend more time stressed than not? Do you find yourself getting tension headaches, clenching your jaw, fighting back anxiety, or dealing with mood swings? Do you have trouble sleeping and concentrating, or do you always feel like you’re about to experience a fight or flight response? If any of this sounds familiar, you could … Read More